Fabulous dentist!

I hate going to the dentist! Hate opening my mouth for people with a passion!

Dr. O’Brien put me at ease right away. She was extremely sensitive to my fears and was non-judgmental. Super thorough. Gave me an education about my oral health and is helping me get on track. Her office is very relaxing. Her staff is welcoming. The hygienist was great. Attention to detail from all aspects of her office. Thank you for such a positive experience.

Tami F. December 17, 2015

I highly recommend Dr. O’brien for dentistry! I have had a very easy time scheduling appointments, and I love the reminders. The location is quiet and serene. My initial consultation with Dr. O’Brien was by far the most thorough and informative appointment I have ever had. The staff is very friendly and professional. Thank you!

Jessica R. December 17, 2015

I am one of those unlucky people who take care of my teeth, flosses daily, and still has a filling in every single tooth in my mouth. This makes going to the dentist something to dread. And while I wouldn’t say I love going to any dentist, Dr. O’Brien’s office is great.

First off, the hygienist and receptionist are extremely friendly. When you arrive, you are very promptly taken back to your chair, and I’ve never waited more than five minutes for the appointment to start. They have a good selection of magazines to read as you wait. I have crappy insurance, and the receptionist is good about making sure that she gives me accurate estimates for any dental work I have done. The hygienist always remembers things that are going on in my life and makes a point to follow up on things. They treat you like a person.

Dr. O’Brien did my cleaning herself and is very gentle. While her staff is very outgoing, she is slightly more reserved. It’s not bad, I just get the feeling that she’s happy to have a job where people have their mouth full and can’t chat her up all day long.

Highly recommended.

Katie S. December 17, 2015

I have been a patient of Dr. Obriens for years; She is a great Dentist, who cares for her patients and has a very gentle touch.She has a very warm and inviting office and even though I’m a person that doesn’t like visiting the Dentist I always feel very comfortable when I’m at her office. The staff is very nice and very helpful and seem to bend over backward to take care of all questions and insurance and billing problems.

Steve M. December 17, 2015

Every dentist appointment I have a new cavity so needless to say, I do not enjoy going to the dentist. After moving to Sacramento, this was at the bottom of my list to find a new dentist as I have had the same one in Dallas for my whole life and was a little worried after hearing some horror stories! I can say that Therese and her staff are great! Everyone in this office is friendly, gentle when they do your work, and completely honest.

Betsy F. December 17, 2015

Whoo Hoo!

I am celebrating the completion of my “Invisalign” treatment! I want to give a HUGE shout out
to Dr. O’Brien, for her careful, gentle care during the past two years! Although I have been a patient of hers for over 15 years and have always been pleased with my quarterly visits to her office, I can’t express my gratitude for my care these past two years! I am so appreciative of Dr. O’Brien’s attention to details, and my final results. I am literally smiling ear to ear! I also want to point out that Dr. O’Brien is awesome when it comes to emergency treatment. I cracked my back molar while I was at work… Oh, it HURT so much! I called Dr. O’Brien ‘s office, and she quickly fit me in to see her by skipping her lunch break. Dr. O’Brien quickly assessed I needed specialized care, so she quickly contacted a highly regarded endodontist, and explained my problem. The periodontist performed an emergency root canal on me that very afternoon. I felt so fortunate that Dr. O’Brien has such strong professional connections willing to attend to her patient’s needs. If you are looking for a quiet, gentle, professional, Dr. O’Brien is the best!

Kathleen S. December 17, 2015

Really can’t say I enjoy going to the dentist, but it must be done and, therefore, I will make the most of it and see Therese O’Brien.
Love her staff, Michelle is friendly and accommodating of my horrific schedule, her hygienist incredibly remembers me and the random things we chat about in between visits, Therese is a fantastic dentist, and there’s even an office pooch. An added perk: they’ve added massage chair inserts to the dental chairs so you can get a bit of a massage while you wait!

Noami M. December 17, 2015

I’m one of the very few people out there who enjoy visits to the dentist. As compared to visits to most other medical professionals, visits to the dentist always produce immediate results. Even after your first visit, you know if they’re knowledgeable, if they’re empathetic and gentle, and most importantly, you know if you’re coming back. Well, I came back for two more appointments. And I will be back in 6 months for my regular.

The location is easy to find, seemingly a typical midtown professional building, with ample parking. The facility is clean, fairly small but not cramped, and just generally warm and inviting. Michelle, the receptionist, is very nice and couldn’t be more accommodating. Therese O’Brien is knowledgeable and very good at what she does. Well spoken and straight to the point, she simply explains it how it is. What’s not to like?

Brian L. December 17, 2015

Awesome staff, the hygienist and the receptionist are super rad. Dr. O’Brien is good at what she does – debatably friendly, but very professional. I would recommend this team highly; you will never have a negative experience.

Jade B. December 17, 2015

I came to Dr O’Brien after a dental group in midtown tried to tell me I currently had eight cavities when I have had four total in my life before this visit (I’m 40). Dr. O’Brien found two and one to watch. I have also had a cap prep and fitting, teeth cleaning and deep gum cleaning with her and her crew. Everyone, there is nice, professional and does what they say they are going to do, for the amount quoted and at your appointment time. I am very happy I found them and would highly recommend them.

Joanne R. December 17, 2015